Newton & Jasper County Missouri

MADD Chapter

Latisha Dawn Morgan
" Babydoll "

1-17-1991 to 07-07-2007

Latisha was born on a cold winters day in 1991 I (being her mother) was only 18 at Latishas birth. I was very scared about being a mother and yet was so extremely overwhelmed with this love I was feeling. From the moment I held her in my arms my life was forever changed in a blessed way. For I felt Latisha was the true definition of a miracle. Labor was a clear struggle and yet after 36 long hours my baby girl was born. I remember looking at my Docs face and he seemed very concerned. Apparently Latisha's cord was wrapped around her neck and her cord was in 2 tight knots. The Doc even said at that time you have one determinded little girl there....Little did I know.....

After only 8 weeks of enjoying her I found out that she was going to be a big sis. As our if our bond was not already tight but now I felt the pressure to build the bond even tighter for I knew that I would have to be sharing the attention with another child. Latisha was such an amazing baby and she picked up everything so very quickly. By the time I gave birth to her brother Scilar, Latisha was already walking and expressing her point of views (wether or not we wanted to hear them) Latisha was greated by another brother in 2000 Hunter Gage.

She grew so fast and was such a delight as a child. School came and I clearly remember her first day of head start. This particular I woke her and she was rather excited and anticipated her new friends she was going to meet. I walked her onto the bus and began to seat belt her in. Doing so the tears began to fall for the reality of my baby girl growing up hit me. The next thing I know my Gorgeous daughter looked at me and while wiping my tears she said to me In the most astonishing "Don't worry mommy, Ill be back next year"

Needless to say Latisha came home that day and every day after that. Growing into such a beautiful young woman. She excelled in everything she tried except basketball ( she did not like the way her hat made her look) From Head start to now High school. With goals and plans for her future.

The summer of 07 she thought she would see if the grass was greener on the other side with her biological father. After much debate and discouragement I agreed to allow her to go. I made plans with her bio man to come pick her up the following day. Needless to say there was a reason she never called him Dad and we should have never even considered it and yet we did. Friday the July 6th came and when I got home from work that night Latisha was gone, I awoke on Sat to call Latisha to make sure she was with him and that she was ok. After endless calls and texts throughtout the day it was 11:00pm before we ever hread word back.

Curtis (the bio dad) explained to me that he was unable to come get Latisha and that he instead sent his best friend Richard Parchman Jr down to get her. He stressed to me that Richey was a good man and that he would provide a safe place for Latisha to stay until he was able to get there on Sun or Mon. I fell asleep right after this feeling somewhat appeased.

While I was sleeping this great man was putting my daughter on the back of his atv after drinking all day. Needless to say with a BAC of .24 this great man was not in his right mind and killed my beautiful baby girl and took his own life when he was to impaired to be behind any wheels.

Yet again I was faced with MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

Latisha was taken from this world in such a brutal and tragic way and bottom line it is just unfair!! So for those that take the time to read these stories please never take life for granted and understand to drink and drive only leads to devastation. For I never thought that anything like this would ever happen to my little baby girl or to any of us. Latisha I love you baby and until I get to hold you again my heart will remain broken. Our circle has been broken and nothing I can do will ever put it together again. But in telling Latisha's story I am hoping that we can save another family from ever having to write a story of their child.

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