Newton & Jasper County Missouri

MADD Chapter

McKenzie Rene Kisling age 14 of Carthage, Mo was killed on June 22, 2007, just 20 days after her birthday! She was a very bright, smart and wonderful girl. My story of Kenzie is different from others. You see I am her Aunt from marriage. I met Kenzie when she was only 2 month's old. She was this bald little big blue eyed baby girl. Her mother and father were very proud of her. When she was growing up she was a very mischief girl. She and her older brother Kyle fought, just like typical little kids do. One time Kyle came over to Kenzie’s cereal bowl and took a bite and Kenzie got up and went over and thumped him on the head with her spoon. She was very young when she did that. She wasn't always mean she had an extremely big heart for her Uncle Bryan (my husband), he just got home from an eye doctor to get a piece of metal out of his eye, he was sitting on one end of the couch, I was on the other end and Kenzie was in the middle, well, Bryan rubbed his eye cause it was hurting, Kenzie thought he was crying, and she started balling, big crocodile tears. Her uncle Bryan seen her crying and told her "sissy I'm not crying I'm just rubbing my eye "she looked at him with tears on her face and gave him a big smile and hug. That alone just melted my heart. Then years later she was staying the night at our house and she and Kyle got this big brain idea to prank their Uncle Bryan. They got his fishing line string and circled his truck with it. In the morning Bryan got up to go to work and was trying to figure out why all his fishing line was doing wrapped around his truck. When he got home from work, they were laughing and told Bryan what they did, Fun times!! Then on one sad unfortunate day, I was doing a remodel for the Rangeline Wal-Mart. I felt sick to my stomach all day long, like I needed to lose my lunch. The girls I was working with invited me to lunch with them, they told me to pick somewhere, since they were from Lamar and didn't know where to go. Well, I liked Fuddruckers. So while we were eating, my lunch felt like it wanted to visit again. I stopped and sat for a second and I heard the Life flight helicopter. I remember telling the girls "Oh, I hope whoever is in that copter is going to be OK", the year before my sister in law was in a crash and had to be life flighted and lived "THANK GOD", so I knew how that family would be feeling. Not knowing at that time 7:22 p.m. was the time my dear nice McKenzie was killed, from a broken neck. I went back to work and did my meeting; I was standing behind Wal-Mart when my cell phone rang. I never carried this phone on me when I was working, but ironically that week prior my husband had been having anxiety attacks, so I carried my phone so he could call me and be ok. Well, the cell rang I answered it, Bryan was crying uncontrollably, All I could hear from him was "SHE'S GONE TAMMY, SHE'S GONE"I yelled WHO, he said Kenzie, she was killed awhile ago can you come home? I started yelling, wanting to run thru the gate and run home. My cousin just so happened to be working beside me and said what happened? All I could say was "Kenzie, She's Dead" I was crying so hard that the mgr's was coming out their offices wondering what was going on. My cousin got my purse and quickly explained to them her niece was just killed in a wreck I got to take her home. She called our Supervisors told them and was trying to console me. Here it was Friday night at Wal-Mart and I am crying loudly and I could hear her telling everyone what had just happened and I could hear gasping and oh my god. I got home and my husband does too, we leave and go to his mother's house and there stands Kenzie's mom. She was brought there by an ambulance, because she passed out at the Baseball game her friends’ child was playing at. She got her call while she was there and she fell to her knees saying why? They called time out to see what had happened and heard the bad news as well. Kenzie's dad wasn't very far away when he got his call too and rushed to the car crash and found his daughter lying there. The driver of the car was HIGH on INHALANT, passed out and hit a telephone, flipping the car up in the air rolling and tossing four girls out of a yellow Ford Mustang Convertible. The crash killed another girl as well her name was Kayla Story. The two girls who survived, was the driver Chelsie Huffman, 16, and Rachel Crumm, 16, all of Carthage. The wreck happened on the same road as Hannah Smallwood, but a little further down the road. To this day, the driver, has not received a ticket, nor even been convicted of anything. In the meantime, two families lost someone who meant the world to them. Love ya Kenzer and miss you always.

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