Newton & Jasper County Missouri

MADD Chapter

Kenda Martin Victim of a drunken brutal murder

When you meet Wayne and Joy Martin, you are impressed with their sincerity, goodness and basic American values. They live in a lovely brick home with a beautifully manicured lawn. Wayne works at Teledyne in Neosho, Missouri and Joy works at the Diamond Missouri Bank. They have taught their kids fundamental Christian values. One of these days someone will probably nominate them for the “Ideal American Family award" and they should win it!
Four Children were born to the Martins: Brenda, Randy, Keith and Kenda, Brenda and Randy Live in Joplin, Missouri and are active with their families, Church and an organization that is opposing pornography. Keith lives with his parents and recently graduated Missouri Southern College.
Kenda had attended OzarkBibleCollege and had a job as a word processor with Merrill Lynch in Tulsa. She was a member of the south side Christian Church, sang solo's in the Church and also sang at funerals. Kenda also loved gospel singing, rodeos, horseback riding and Country western music.
It was her love for Country western music that took her to hear George Jones on the tragic date of August 14th 1981, she and some friends had attended the concert and after the program were making their way to their cars.

The drunken brutal murder
It was approximately 1:30 a.m. and the 1976 Chevrolet Vega was west bound on east Admiral place. The estimated speed of the vehicle was between 45 and 50 mph in a 50 mph zone.
After the point of impact, there were 26 feet and 3 inches of skid marks, One of Kenda’s friends was hit and carried 81 feet before falling off the car, and as is common to most crash victims, has no memory of the collision. The driver of the car did not stop.
Kenda was dragged under the car for a mile before falling loose, Body fragments were scattered along the asphalt pavement. The autopsy described the drunken and violent act of killing Kenda:
"Multiple skull fractures, large laceration of the brain, multiple
rib fractures, fracture of the pelvis and amputation of the
right ring finger"
Judges and Attorneys should be required to read Kenda Martin's autopsy report. DWI is more than a sickness it is a crime: It is not an accident: It is Murder--Brutal murder of the first degree.
Joy states, "This probably comes as a shock to hear, but I would of rather he would have shot her with a gun: because then it would of been a crime, and would have been punished accordingly. But this has the tendency to carry the stigma of an accident, I don't think it would have been any more premeditated than if he had of done it with a gun.
After being dragged for a mile, Kenda became dislodged from the car and was run over by two other vehicles: one of these drivers was also charged with a DWI!

The drunk driver

According to a Tulsa newspaper:
"Donald Lorrie Wimer of 7135 E Virgin St, Pleaded guilty before Tulsa County District Judge Joe Jennings to the charges of Second degree Manslaughter and leaving the scene of the accident... Wimer surrendered to police about two hours after the accident.
Wimer's driver’s license was suspended for six months earlier this year following a DWI conviction, and had been reinstated July 28th, Police said.

The sentence

The headline for an article in a Tulsa newspaper reported. "Tulsan gets 10 years for fatal crash" The article stated” the two concurrent 10 year sentences were reached during plea-bargaining sessions between Wimer's attorney and Assistant District Attorney Fred Morgan."
Would you like to know how many years were actually served of the 10-year sentence? This so called "Stiff sentence" resulted in less than 5 years in prison. Kenda received a life sentence!!!!
Judge Joe Jennings could have rendered a verdict of two 10-year sentences to run consecutively. which would have been a 20-year sentence: But instead the driver got less than 5 years! That is what the judicial system considers a "Stiff sentence" based on "a hundred different factors"
A member of the correction department informed Jasper Co MADD that Wimer had been released under "House arrest" on June 26th 1986 . We were also informed that due to public outcry, Oklahoma may cease its House arrest policy.

Wayne and Joy attended court to hear the sentencing involved in the brutal murder of their daughter, as a matter of daily court procedure, the Judge handed down sentences for such infractions as indecent exposure, and shoplifting a blouse at a K-Mart store. The defendant charged with stealing the blouse was to be told by her attorney that she could get up to 5 years for shoplifting. The Martin's sensed the insensitivity of the court in that the murder of their daughter received the same kind of treatment as indecent exposure and shoplifting.

The Conclusion:
What do you do when one of your children has been splattered over the pavement by some drunk driver? You hurt a lot inside, you weep, you keep busy, you write letters to those who are going through a similar experience, you volunteer for community projects, you join support groups and you help organize a Mothers against drunk driving chapter: or at least that is what Wayne and Joy did.

It Is their conclusion that while they can't help Kenda they can try to reduce this kind of human butchery on our streets and highways. Wayne and Joy are devoted to the cause of MADD and I have a feeling that Kenda is super proud of Mom amd Dad.

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