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Aaron Gillming

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It was a cold snowy day when we drove our beautiful son home from the hospital. We were so proud and blessed and felt like we were the luckiest parents in the world, Aaron was a beautiful little boy and soon took on the look so many referred to as "A little man"

Almost five years later Aaron welcomed home his beloved and most awaited for, little sister, Sheena. Aaron was so proud to be a big brother and would brag to anyone that would listen, " I have a new baby sister and she is the cutest baby in the world" The two grew into the typical, sibling rivalry, however, Aaron was always the first to stand up in his little sisters defense.

Aaron lived and breathed for motto-cross racing, getting his first dirt bike at the early age of four, He progressed into the sport of racing, winning an extraordinary amount of trophies. Aaron always had a motto-cross magazine within his reach and scouring the internet, to see just where the next race would be held.

Aaron's greatest asset and joy, was his nearly five year old son, Braden "Ryder" Gillming, However Aaron and his family have always called him by his middle name. Aaron often referred to his son as "Ryder Boy" and spent so much quality time with his precious little boy. When Ryder was only two years old Aaron got him his own mini version of his own dirt bike. Father and son spent many hours mastering the skill of dirt bike racing, Aaron placed his racing number, always #32, affront his little son's dirt bike. Like father like son, Aaron and Ryder also enjoyed countless hours of fishing, in their favorite fishing spot. Aaron helped his little son reel in his very first catfish, only weeks prior to his death.

It was early in the morning hours of August 31st and around 1:30 a.m. when Aaron's little sister received that life altering telephone call. Sheena was a young mother now and had a nine month old son of her own and when the two of them went to bed at night they slept and slept hard.

She answered the telephone, However, let it slip from her hand landing in the bed covers, drifting back into sleep, she was awakened by the screeching screams, “Sheena, get up. wake up, Sheena.....wake up!" Aaron's only sister, awakened and immediately searched her bedding for the screaming voice of the telephone. An ex-employee and friend of hers had learned of the news and were calling to talk to her, not knowing if she had been told.

It only took seconds to let the nightmarish news soak in and Sheena's best friend was in route to pick her and her baby up, driving them to her mother's home, she had to tell her mother that her only son had been killed.

"Mom...Aaron's been in an accident, Mom...he didn't make it, Mom....he didn't make it" she cried.

At that moment, that second....our lives were forever changed.....forever broken....shattered....into a million pieces!!

I know the neighbors could have heard my screams, for miles. My entire body was heart mind going a hundred miles per minute.....

Hours later, I was being prescribed a sedative and the following days were all to clear, I had to pick out my sons casket, his burial plot, his clothes to be buried in. I ironed his pretty blue shirt, burning my arm in the process, leaving a forever reminder of a burn gained from ironing my sons burial shirt.

We laid Aaron to rest in a Collinsville, Oklahoma cemetery, next to a beautiful country pond, hoping that when his growing little boy went to visit, it would maintain all of the father son fishing memories.

Days after the funeral, we learned that Aaron and his friend John Fabiean Lackey, also of Collinsville, Oklahoma. had both been murdered on impact, by a habitual repeat drunk driving offender. Rickey Neil Crase, also of Collinsville, Oklahoma, had a twenty year history of drunk driving convictions, just in Tulsa and Rogers Counties.

Aaron and John had only gone for a day of rafting, one of many that the two had gone on throughout the summer. It was on this particular trip that Aaron had been invited to ride along with his friend, John and his boss, whom he was a plumbing apprentice.

Aaron hadn't known the driver and only had knowledge of his friend being an employee of his. Aaron had no knowledge of Rickey Crase's past, nor did he hold numerous drunk driving convictions. Aaron also had no knowledge that Crase was driving on a revoked license and that he was a felon of an ARSON conviction, that had recently been accelerated on yet another DWI conviction and that he had bonded out. only twenty days prior, having a court date set in just a few days, in which the accelerated ARSON conviction, was landing Crase a five year prison sentence.

It was 6:45 p.m. and Aaron and John were on their way home, they'd finished their day of rafting on the Noel Missouri River and they still had their wet swimming trunks on.

Rickey Neal Crase was traveling an excessive rate of speed, within a 45mph city limit zone. when he lost control and slammed the passenger side of his truck into the Noel bridge, murdering my son and his friend on impact.

Crase was driving a truck that was being insured by his wife, no mention of him even being on the policy, he was being enabled by his wife....he was a potential murderer...he'd been driving on a revoked license...a convicted "Chronic drunk driver" and his wife knew what he was capable of doing....however....she was insuring his truck...the truck that was my sons death trap.....her husband being the now "Murderer"

My son was only coming home, to his son, to his family, however, instead.....he arrived home two days a body way of a hearse.

Our lives will never be the same, for my son has been stolen from me, my daughter's only brother has been stolen from her and most importantly....Ryder's beloved father has been tragically stolen from him. There will be no more father and son fishing trips, no more motto-cross lessons by more dad.

I place so much blame on the state of Oklahoma for letting this potential murderer slip thru the cracks, for he should have not been out , not been allowed to drive....driving drunk.....until he finally murdered two innocent young men.

Rickey Neal Crase is now serving a five year sentence in Oklahoma state Reformatory prison, Granite, Oklahoma, on the Arson conviction, IDs ODOC# 550095 he is still awaiting his arraignment in McDonald County Missouri, in which he was formally charged on November 24th 2008 His charges are

Rickey Neal Crase is breathing and eating off us taxpayers dollars, while his family is allowed to visit him, hug him, kiss him and Aaron's family is only allowed to visit him at his grave site, taking him flowers and talking to his headstone. Rickey Crase got free room and board and still hasn't been held accountable for Aaron and John's lives, while they received a "FOREVER DEATH SENTENCE'

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